Moon History



Husband Joseph P. Moon
  Birth 10/16/1796 Columbia Co. GA
  Death 5/30/1893 Walton Co. GA
  Note Eight sons and one grandson fought in the Civil War, only Andrew did not return.
  Father Thomas Moon (10/25/1742-<3/7/1808)
  Mother Lucretia (c.1752->1834)
Marriage 12/28/1825 Walton Co. GA
Wife (1) Edith Hutson   (2) Martha Jones   (3) Luranie Thompson  
  Birth c.1805 Walton Co. GA
  Death <1833
  Father William Hutson (c.1764-<1836)
  Mother Sarah Ann Booker
  1 M William Ezra Moon Sr. (1826-5/22/1902)
  2 F Mary Lucretia "Creacy" Hammock Jacobs (1828-11/1900)
  3 F Susan J. "Susie" Irwin (2/13/1830-9/9/1916)
  4 M Thomas H. Moon (1832-c.1860) died in Texas before outbreak of Civil War

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