Moon History



Husband Thomas Monroe Moon
  Birth 5/24/1845 Walton Co. GA
  Death 6/1/1890 Walton Co. GA
  Note Fought in Civil War with his father and 7 uncles.
  Father William Ezra Moon Sr. (1826-5/22/1902)
  Mother Susan J. Willingham (1828-)
Marriage 11/12/1863 Walton Co. GA
Wife Mary Needham
  Birth 6/1/1843 Walton Co. GA
  Death 11/16/1929 Walton Co. GA
  Father William Needham (1826-)
  Mother Louise Flority (c.1825-)
  1 M W. A. Moon (1864-) married Miss Green, daughter of Lewis Green
  2 F Sarah Jane Moon (1866-)
  3 M Edgar P. K. "Hill" Moon (10/1867-) married Hesta Gresham
  4 M Alexander Moon (1/1871-) married Gelilie Gresham (1/1868-)
  5 F Ivanona Eugenia "Nonnie" Moon married T. Oscar Moon (c.1873-), son of CKP Moon
  6 M Henry Moon (1869-)
  7 M Pullman Moon (c.1875-1918)
  8 M Clinton Moon (c.1875-) married Edna Moon (c.1875-), daughter of CKP Moon
  9 F Ludie Moon (c.1877-)
  10 F Angie Braswell (1880-) married Mark Braswell

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